Ruth Gall

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This award will be given to a distinguished researcher who has collaborated significantly with more than one scientific group from Latin American Institutions
despite the fact that he/she was not affiliated to any Latin American Institution.

The award committee will receive candidate proposals until 3 months before the conference takes place. The proposal should be signed by at least by 3 members of the ALAGE. The proposals should be submitted by email to the award committee including the following documents:

- Candidate CV
- Letter from the candidate expressing being aware of his/her nomination
- Letter from the proponents explaining their reasons for the nomination of the candidate.

The letter should enumerate the scientific groups that have collaborated with the candidate and the fruits from this collaboration.

The committee has the responsibility of evaluating the nominations and reserves the right to declare the award vacant.

The Ruth Gall Award winner will receive a diploma and will be made honorary member of the ALAGE. In addition, the winner will have opportunity of giving a plenary lecture during the COLAGE.